About Pro Water Contracts

Back in 1995, when Pro-water Contracts finished its first commercial fountain project at Esselen Park for Transnet, it was something special. People couldn’t pass by without stopping and watching the water, as if there was some kind of ancient force or instinct that prevented them from moving on. I suppose that it’s the same reason that we are always drawn into looking for water every time we cross a bridge. Moving water seems to have that effect on people and I suppose that it is the same reason that I love what I do. By today’s standards, the fountain was nothing special, just a simple classic round pool with a cluster of cascade jets in the center, some fountain lights and a filter system to keep the water clean. Later we added a wind control system and an electronic level control. The fountain is the center piece to a rare cycad collection. We also installed all the low voltage lighting to bring the garden to life at night.

Over the next 23 years, Pro-water Contracts has been privileged enough to work on just about any kind of commercial or domestic project involving the movement of water, from classic fountains, waterfalls, lace fountains, spa pools, vitality pools, floatation pools, Olympic swimming pools, water slides, water parks, artificial rivers, water heating systems for underfloor heating, swimming pools, sanitary hot water and spa pools.
We have gained the knowledge required to bring water to life and can do just about anything that you can imagine. The systems that we have developed and installed are of the highest quality and are equal to the best in the world. We have worked all over southern Africa and understand the challenges involved in working in remote locations. Our professional team is well trained, meticulous and always ensures that all projects are completed on time, in fact we have never missed a deadline. We have developed procedures for testing and checking the quality of all work throughout the duration of our projects. We are constantly looking at new technology and ideas. We strive to learn more and improve every aspect of our product or service.
Every project is unique and we will tailor a product that suits your specific needs.